123 People Dead in Bangkok From New STD That Kills Under 24hrs.

Reports trooping in from Bangkok in Thailand indicate that about 123 people have died as a result of having unprotected sex which led them contracting STD virus which doctors describe as “strange”.

According to Dr. Nontalee Thongsong, a medical practitioner at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, the rate at which people are dying from this strange STD Virus is very alarming.

Dr. Nontalee Thongsong whose hospital has so far recorded most of the death cases says so far medical checks have proven that an STD virus which name is yet to be known is the cause of this unpleasant death.

‘”We are yet to know the exact virus but as it stands now we can confirm it is an STD virus. We have taken samples to Bangkok Hospital to be checked. This virus kills in less than 24hrs. Most of the people dead even died while taking a break during the ‘game’. About 12 of them died while on top enjoying the ‘thing'”- She said

A check from pharmaceutical shops indicated that, Condoms patronage is very less in the city.

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