BREAKING: Jacob Zuma Responds Zulu King Fairly

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has responded to influential Zulu king, Goodwill Zwelithini, who suggested that he [Zuma] steps aside given the African National Congress’s recent travails and that he [Zulu King] takes up the reins of national power instead.

Jacob Zuma first thanked the King for availing himself to help govern the South Africa nation. Zuma then added that he is ready to step aside and give up his seat to the King and also take up the King’s throne.

“Let me give you a fair deal. Take my seat, I take your throne. Be the president, I become the King” – Zuma said without any smiles on his face.

The king, the traditional head of South Africa’s largest ethnic group, lamented that under Mr Zuma’s leadership “the country is gone”, citing the ruling party’s losses in recent local elections. The August vote saw the ANC lose control of the country’s capital Pretoria, along with Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth to the opposition Democratic Alliance, a party previously dogged by claims that its senior leadership were “too white”.

He denounced the current crop of leaders as “failures” who were “setting a bad example” during an address to Zulu maidens taking part in the annual Reed Dance, which sees them parade bare-breasted before the king.

“As I am talking the capital city of South Africa is governed by whites, which is a sign that the country is gone. The economic base (Johannesburg) has been taken over by whites. If politicians had listened to me the election results would not be like this,” he said. “If you fail, step aside and allow us to lead the country. We can lead it very well. Anyway, God gave me powers to lead.”

The Zulu King is yet to respond if there would be an exchange of powers.

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