BREAKING: Russia and Qatar Stripped Of World Cup Hosting Rights

Domenico Scala, the independent chairman of Fifa’s audit and compliance committee responsible for overseeing Fifa’s reform process in the current crisis has confirmed that Russia and Qatar have been stripped of their World Cup hosting rights after conclusive new proof of corruption has emerged.

“Evidence of corruption have emerged that the awards to Qatar and Russia only came about thanks to bought votes and as such the awards have been invalidated,” said Domenico Scala, in a press release. “This evidence has been brought forth.”

The statement added that further press statements would be released for all stakeholders to be informed on how 2018 and 2022 world cups would be hosted.

The new evidence which has exposed Russia and Qatar also appears to show how the 2008 payments from Fifa – ostensibly for a Diaspora Legacy Programme promised by South African World Cup organisers – ended up in accounts controlled by Warner.

JTA Supermarkets, the largest chain in Warner’s native Trinidad & Tobago, received $4.8m, according to accounts seen by the BBC.

The US indictment that charged 14 Fifa officials of 47 counts of racketeering and fraud had earlier alleged that Warner “laundered the funds through accounts held in the name of a large supermarket chain and affiliated investment company in Trinidad”.

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