BREAKING: Homeless kid receives $30 million and lifetime scholarship from Apple

A 12 year old Trinidadian living in Cologne, Germany has received the amount of $30 million from Apple Inc. for creating a very simple mathematical theory that associate a person’s phone number with his/her age.

The kid, whose name was only given to the media as Shivana is homeless with her parent. She is in her sixth grade and a mathematics genius which has led her to be nicknamed after the Ancient Greek Mathematician Archimedes of Syracus.

It is an incredible and unbelievable formula which could take less than one minute to solve. American Multinational and Technology giant has offered the girl a lifetime scholarship and a signing fee of 30 million dollars to work with the company after graduation.

Steps of the formula has been listed below. Try it out.

1. Take the last digit of your phone number.
2. Multiply it by 2
3. Add 5 to it
4. Multiply the answer by 50
5. Add 1766
6. Subtract your year of birth

The answer you get must be 3 digits with the last two digits as your age.

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