No More Marriages In Ethiopia Until 2018, Supreme Court Rules

The Supreme Court of Ethiopia has on Monday placed an embargo on new marriages in the country until a bill presented before parliament for review and amendment of the Marriage and Divorce Act is passed.

The Ethiopian constitution places women in a corner where total lost of life is experienced when marriages come to an abrupt end or couples divorce.

Over 95% of married Women in Ethiopia are housewives who do not have any savings or income and are solely dependent on their husbands which leave the women with nothing in case of divorce.

This halt in new marriages in Ethiopia comes after a divorce filed between disabled man and a woman who manages her husband’s business. The business of the disable billionaire has been managed for years by the wife who has handled it as hers.

Per the existing constitution , the woman only walks with nothing during divorce. This case has prompted the courts to review the constitution for necessary amendment.

The review and amendment on the Marriage and Divorce Act is expected to be completed and passed on in 2018 and until then all new marriages that have not been issued certificates, and upcoming marriages have all been halted until 2018.

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