VIDEO: Ghanaian Underground Musician Releases ‘Dirty’ Video Titled “PONO”

Fast rising Ghanaian musician Lord Paper became talk of the town weeks back after he released video for the a song called “Ewurama”.

The music video, which is the first of its kind in the country, was talked against but it looks like the musician does not care. The musician was heard on many platforms defending the music video.

When all thought he’s regretted for what he did so he would change, he has dropped another bombshell.

The video is worst than what Ghanaians saw in the ‘Ewurama’ video. The song title, ‘Pono’, should even give you a picture of what you are about the watch.


The video has been blocked by youtube. We are trying to upload on other media or directly on this blog and share on this very page. Check back in few minutes.

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