Zuma Shamed At UN General Assembly As President With “Zero Trust Of Citizens”

The United Nations General Assembly is ongoing in New York, United States and this year presents new order of activities and introduction of awards that would be awarded to various member presidents depending on their works.

The first category of the award which is to shame the president whose trust and confidence have been lost by citizens of his/her country.

The president of South Africa Jacob Zuma has been named at the World’s President with “Zero Trust Of Citizens” at the 71st session of the Un General Assembly.

jacob Zuma has for the past years received criticisms from citizens and residents of South Africa with the most complaints coming from his own family, party executives and party members.

This is the first time in the history of creation that an entire nation has stood against its president and called on him to step down.

Zuma has refused to comment on his award but rather commented on the meeting as general.

The session is being held under the theme: “The Sustainable Development Goals: A universal push to transform our world.” The Presidency said the General Debate presented an opportunity for member states to take stock of the effectiveness of the UN‚ and it was expected that member states would use the debate to chart a way forward to improve the organisation’s efficiency and relevance by making it more democratic‚ responsive and transparent.

Deliberations are expected to focus on UN reform‚ including the revitalisation of the UNGA; improvement of the work of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC); and most importantly‚ the substantive reform of the UN Security Council (UNSC) to expand its membership in both the permanent and non-permanent categories‚ the Presidency said.

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